When you enter a town with an Auction house in it you can browse the auction house, buy from it, or post your own items up for auction.

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  • The DM Decides what is available based on your searh criteria, and the base price
  • He/She the rolles a D% to determine actual price with values as follows. 1-25, half price; 26-50. normal price; 51-75, 1.5x normal price; 76-90 2x normal price; 91-100 4x normal price.


  • After you post an item the DM rolls a D% to see if its an instant sell, for the price you posted, no more no less, success is a roll of 100.
  • Then whenever you check a mailbox, once a day, the Dm rolls to see if it sold, 1-50 no sell, 51-100 sell.
  • After it is sold the dm the rolls to see for how much using the same rolls as with buying, only instead of half price its 3/4 price.