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Mana And RegenEdit

Mana and mana regen are based off of these formulas.

Mana = 30 x (X) + (1.5x Int Modifier)

X = your level / 2; Minimum 1

Regen = 1.5 x Wis Modifier (if it comes to a .5, round down. ex 7.5 =  7)

Example a level 1 mage has an int modifier of 10, and a wis modifier of 5.

Her starting mana is 45, (30 x (1) + (1.5 x 10) = 45

Her regen is 7 per round (1.5 x 5 = 7.5)

Mana CostEdit

Mana cost is determined by spell level, and the spell itself. For instance to cast Fireball, a 3rd level spell it would be 15 mana for 2d6 damage, plus 10 for every d6 added after. So to cast a 2d6 fireball it would be 15 mana, however to cast a 6d6 fireball it would be 55 mana.

For other spells that dont have a variable on power it is spell level times 5, so magic missle is a 5 mana spell.

Zero level spells are the exception to this rule, they cost 2 mana.