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Greater Scent 80'/20' - Allows you to use your sense of smell in addition to the regular methods of tracking, granting a +6 bonus to survival when tracking. It also allows you to sense others via sense of smell, determining general direction within 80 feet, and being able to pinpoint them as though you could see them within 30 feet.

Survival Instinct - Worgen gain a +4 bonus to Reflex and a +4 dodge bonus to AC. This bonus applies even when flat-footed, stunned, or otherwise caught off guard, but not when prone, paralyzed, or otherwise immobile.


Str +10

Dex +10

Con +6

Int +0

Wis +10

Cha +0


+4 Hide

+4 Intimidate

+4 Jump

+4 Move Silently

+10 Survval